The AeroValve Solution

AeroValve is a pneumatic valve company with an innovative air-recycling technology. The AeroValve solution reduces wasteful venting to atmosphere because the downstream air is recycled. The video link below shows a simplified demonstration of the AeroValve technology (click graphic to play):

The AeroValve Solution


Energy Efficient & Sustainable

AeroValve’s innovation recycles compressed air through the valve body with each cycle of the valve, and thereby reduces compressed air requirements by an average of 25% – 30%.


AeroValve’s disruptive technology can be applied to approximately 60% of existing directional control valve designs, and it is being developed as a plug-n-play replacement for existing valve applications.  The technology requires no wiring or programming changes by the end users.


AeroValve’s innovative technology is cost-competitive with current pneumatic valves because the technology requires minimal alterations to any given valve’s internal body, spool, and electronic circuitry.